Who We Are

Despite what our competitors might claim, commercial real estate isn’t rocket science. Actually, it can be as straightforward as a game of tic-tac-toe. So why use a retail consultant? Because just as with tic-tac-toe, success requires knowledge of optimal strategy, and an experienced player will beat a novice every time.

XO Retail Advisors is a highly-respected real estate brokerage specializing in tenant representation of international, national, and regional retailers throughout Canada. With our accomplished team of seasoned negotiators and record of extraordinary service, we have the experience and strategic advantages to help you win the game.

Our small-by-design, boutique approach ensures that all of our clients receive one-on-one attention while also benefitting from the combined knowledge of our devoted, energetic team. Our strong relationships with landlords and superb market knowledge allow us to take the most effective position when representing our clients—which translates to prime locations in enclosed malls, street-fronts, and other non-enclosed sites across the country.

Like tic-tac-toe, retail tenant representation comes down to strategy: We know the game, we fight for your team, and we play to win.