We offer our clients the “X” Factor—experienced negotiators, exceptional attention, and extraordinary results. However, it’s the “O(h)!” Factor— our commitment to a level of service that exceeds our clients’ expectations—that truly sets us apart…

“The biggest value XO Retail provides is their negotiating experience with landlords, and the second value is their devotion to sourcing. Our account manager has real insight into, knowledge of, and exposure to a number of landlords at many levels, and so if we get in to a roadblock at one level, she’s able to effectively steer us to the next.

“Another benefit is that they represent a large number of tenants, so it’s not just Beddington’s at the table when they negotiate, but all of XO’s other clients. Our Account Manager goes to great lengths, sourcing new locations based on our criteria, and always does her homework. She asks the right questions, effectively becoming a part of the Beddington’s team. We receive strong support, and she always has a very nice, personal approach. She never rushes us through the process, and we always feel that XO approaches each deal to make sure that it’s the right fit.”

- Principal

“One of XO Retail’s greatest assets is their knowledge not only of the industry but also of the properties they represent. The level of service we have received has been excellent, especially when it comes to negotiations. When I think I’m happy with a rent, they insist that they can negotiate something better. They will fight to get the rate lower, and they’re successful because they really understand the market.

“Another of their great strengths is their people. They are always professional, hardworking, energetic, and very personable.  The agent I work with is a perfect match—we share a similar mindset, so it’s very easy to work together because we look at things the same way.

“We hope to have a very long relationship with XO Retail.”
- Director of Leasing

“I would recommend XO Retail to another company because of their great approach, their strong connections, and the fact that they really take the time to learn the needs of the client. They understand the retail environment and work hard to match appropriate retail sites with the right demographic and location. The fact that Hallmark operates on both the corporate and franchise level can be a challenge, but XO understands our structure, and they truly know how to deal with it to ensure the best results.

“We always receive excellent service—it’s very conscientious, with good follow-through. Our account manager is very persistent, always working hard to get what we need. We always feel confident that she’s working in our best interest. In fact, it doesn’t even feel like a third party relationship—we really feel like she works for our company. ”

- National Real Estate Director

“We use XO Retail because of their extensive knowledge of the market, and because we always get the dedicated service we’re looking for. Most other firms are very large, but working with XO means a small group that can really devote themselves to our company’s needs. Their values are also perfectly aligned with our company’s values—they emphasize respect and dignity, and they are always proactive in their approach to dealing with people.

“Most of all, we’ve seen that they’re always prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done for us. If there ever is an issue, they’re always ready to readjust to fully meet the client’s needs. They give us the attention we need to accomplish what we want, and they always exceed our expectations.”

- Director Store Development, Eastern Canada

“The XO organization is fantastic. Everyone is very personable, and when working with them we always knew we were dealing with straight shooters. The small size and ‘boutique’ approach is another one of the reasons I really like the organization, because we received very hands-on, personal service. I didn’t find that we were competing with a group of similar clients, which can happen with other houses. The service from XO is more than excellent.

“I would recommend them (and, in fact, have recommended them several times) because of their excellent knowledge of the retail landscape, their contacts, and the fact that they always seem to have their ear to the ground with regard to new developments. They are truly on top of their game.”

- Vice President